Hank Olguin Welcomes You

It's not just about us American Mexicans.  It's also about other Hispanics, Latinas/os, Latinx who need their stories told.  We need a positive narrative that shines a light on negative racial perceptions.  Find them here.

About the Author



For decades, Hank Olguin has been on a mission to change the existing negative images and stereotypes of Mexicans and other Latinos/as. As an award-winning, former advertising executive and creative director, he fully understands the power of images and examines their impact in his compelling memoir. 



In a journey spanning more than eighty years, Olguin describes the road to becoming a successful college athlete at a major university and playing in the Rose Bowl. He also recounts stories of fascinating people, some famous, that he has encountered along the way.  


Join in the Journey

Hank shares with the reader the early influences that led to a life-long search for racial harmony—while striving, at the same time, to shed the burden and celebrate the joy of being different.